Buddha meets Bhakti in a joyous exploration of NOW!


Independence. Freedom. Liberation.

What does “Freedom” mean to you? In honor of Independence Day, it may be worth exploring the places you feel bound, limited or imprisoned so you can work toward freeing yourself. Dare to declare your own independence from smallness, selfishness, insecurity and fear! What is it that holds you back, or holds you down, or makes you hold it all in? What might life be like if you were liberated from those impulses and felt free to honestly and authentically express yourself and pursue your own idea of happiness? Stake your claim in the vast field of consciousness and know yourself unbounded!

We all know that freedom isn’t free, and it often requires heroic efforts. Ultimately yoga is a path of liberation,and the mind seems to be the landscape that most needs to be liberated. Our minds become so clouded by preferences, opinions, and habitual ways of seeing the world that we cannot accurately grasp reality. We become imprisoned by our desires and slaves to our senses, and then seek to solve our problems using the same small mind that created the problems in the first place. Tradition, culture and even belief systems become their own limitations as we tacitly agree to remain within the boundaries of a territory that is far too confined for the truth of who/what yoga says we truly are.

Until you reach Kaivalya: complete, total emancipation; boundless freedom, simply watch the ways that your own habitual thought processes, opinions and ideas imprison you. Work toward small victories of liberation … as the En Vogue song so eloquently promised, ” … free your mind and the rest will follow…”

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