Buddha meets Bhakti in a joyous exploration of NOW!

reverenceCyndi Lee and OM Yoga Center
It’s been years since I’ve been able to practice with her, but she remains my beloved teacher.

Paul Grilley has brought profound awareness of energetics, anatomy, and authenticity. Jai Paul!

Paul JJ Alix inspired me to believe that I, too, could learn to chant and understand the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Truly a revelation!

Manorama of Sanskrit Studies continues to inspire with her knowledge, her devotion, and the many lessons she conveys through her profound and direct method of teaching.

Anodea Judith inspires with her commitment to bringing students back into their own core for authentic and vibrant living, and also back into relationship with that which is Sacred, for the benefit of the Earth and everyone on it!

Michael Carroll offers wisdom and insight into the Buddha’s teachings, as well as genuine friendship.

Shiva Rea sparkles! Her teaching is firmly rooted, rhythmic and expansive, and vibrates with the pulse of vitality.

YINsights: find out more about Yin Yoga

Krishnamurti’s writings have had a tremendous impact on the way I see and relate with reality. I recommend Think on These Things as a first introduction, and I love Flight of the Eagle.

Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sri Goenka ji is a simple and profound technique, elegantly presented in their 10-day silent meditation retreats. If you feel even the slightest urge to participate, consider it your duty to enroll!

Kara Szumski, AcuGoddess!, keeps me balanced, vibrant and well with her treatments.