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Namas Day – Yin/Vin: Harnessing the Power of Stillness to Maximize Your Inherent Mobility -Saturday April 18

This class will begin with a few Yin Yoga poses carefully chosen to coax the hips, hamstrings and shoulders open. Passively sinking into postures lengthens the body’s connective tissue, enhancing your flexibility and safely and efficiently taking you to the edges of your range of motion while also creating a feeling of lightness in the body. We will then transition into a vinyasa yoga practice during which you will experience familiar yoga poses in a whole new way. As the rhythm and repetition of breath-lead-movement invites the muscles to warm up and fill with blood and energy, you will be surprised by the absence of ‘normal’ tension and soreness. You may discover that you are able to approach ‘more challenging’ asana with less preparation, and that you feel more powerful in poses like Catturanga Dandasana and Arm Balances. Beyond the physical benefits of this combination of practice, you are likely to feel increased energy pulsing through your body, mentally and emotionally cleansed as though you just hit the ‘refresh button’ on your internal computer screen, and more connected to yourself and therefore more at peace with the world. Exercising the Yin and Yang aspects of your being validates the totally of your being affirming your experience of wholeness.

Saturday, April 18
8:30am – 10:30am

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