Buddha meets Bhakti in a joyous exploration of NOW!


Sweet Greetings, Divine Being of Grace, Wisdom and Light! 

Light. We use this word to denote radiance and luminosity; also to express qualities of buoyancy and the absence of density and weight. And we use attributes of light to describe intelligence, as in, “He’s so bright,” and, “She’s brilliant!”  It is said that light never diminishes light, and that light is the only thing that can overcome darkness. Consciousness is often defined as light. In yoga practice we bring light to what had been dark; consciousness to what had been unconscious. To become fully awake in the world is to become enLIGHTened. Some suggest that this light is within the heart; that it is the truest true and the you-est you. It may be that our own individual personalities are simply the way this light uniquely reflects and refracts outward through the coverings we have inherited or created, consciously or unconsciously. And while it may be true that light is the only thing that overcomes darkness, it seems equally valid to see darkness as simply some temporary covering which obscures light.
Many of us love the brightness of the sun because it mirrors our own inner radiance. Our moods sour after days of rain and cloud cover; many become downright depressed during diminished daylight hours.  Again, in yoga practice, Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) is an embodied prayer of reverence to the sun: the outward sun, which nourishes our planet and allows for the possibility of life, and the inner sun which is the realization we are seeking.

As we glide into the lazy, hazy days of August in which it may be possible to cut down on metaphorically revving the accelerator in your life, perhaps you can find time to connect with your own inner light. Get clear about what covers or diminishes your light, then find ways to remove those obstacles so that you authentically and courageously radiate your light, truth and love.

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