Buddha meets Bhakti in a joyous exploration of NOW!
Corina has been such a wonderful inspiration in my life.

Her teaching style  continues to emerge from the heart, and capsizes a world wrought with confusion.

I love the Yin class.  I’ve returned time and time again for almost a decade to receive a teaching from Corina.  She delivers words and poetry with honesty and inspiration, and seeks to draw us to the depths of an inner spiritual life, that she first immerses herself in.

I can’t say enough about the value of her teaching, and code by which she carries her class through.  It has been quite the anchor through my life.  Many a week I have come to her classes as a safe haven, and a recalibration back to the important study of the soul.

The inner path.

I will always be grateful for sharing the wisdom she has gently given to me.

Thank you Corina.

Anthony Gibilisco
My experience with Cornia includes both yin and vinyasa classes. I love that every class begins with chanting, accompanied by the harmonium, a theme or focus for the week, and my personal favorite, the inspirational poems, quotes or the thought provoking questions, delivered with a sense of humor! Anyone that has had the opportunity to practice with Corina will agree, she is a ‘wordsmith,’ and she will probably say what you are thinking! I truly appreciate that she continues to remain involved and dedicated to promote authentic, traditional yogic teachings. She is always learning something new, and you will often find her investing her time by taking workshops and trainings. Her smile and energy are infectious!!!…
Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure taking the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with you. I feel privileged to have spent a training weekend with you. I learned a great deal more that I could have ever imagined. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and beautiful self with us.
Katiusca McEntee
You truly conducted a wonderful training and I’m very excited to share Yin Yoga with the world! It was a really nice balance between theory and practice, and I appreciated how you kept our sizable group on task during the long days.
Richard Sonne
Let me say how incredibly AH-Mazing the Yin Yoga Teacher Training was. Hands down – (this was) probably my FAVORITE yoga teacher training to date. Seriously. You are an incredible teacher … the fact that you give us examples and experiences from your own life helped me relate to, and assimilate the teachings into my own experience. The way you imparted information was just so easy to understand… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! *GRATITUDE GRATITUDE GRATITUDE*
Jenn Givler

I can’t thank you enough for the weekend (Yin Teacher Training). I learned so much from you and feel so psyched and passionate about Yin yoga and offering it to students! You really are an amazing teacher.

Kelly Corbitt
I first met Corina when she used to commute to NYC to teach a weekly yin yoga class at now defunct OM Yoga Center in the heart of Union Square. Her class is an amazing blend of her in-depth knowledge of anatomy, chakra and meridian systems, poetry, yogic & Buddhist philosophies, and great sense of humor! I love that she is very factual yet she has a way of making it very poetic. Every time I study with her, she has something new to share – a sign of true yogi, continues to deepen her own practice and knowledge. She is an inspiration not just as a yoga teacher but also as a woman. I feel so lucky and privileged to call her as one of my most influential teachers.
Masako Miyakawa, E-RYT
I am so grateful that I get to take classes/workshops with Corina. She is an authentic teacher and you can feel her passions coming through her teachings. I love that she is constantly learning and sharing ideas with us to encourage us to further our understanding of the ancient texts, meridians, chakras, etc. She has a gift of teaching and I am honored to learn from her.
Rita Stirparo
Corina is light, joy, grace…she is a true inspiration. Her wisdom, intuition, and spirit are utterly transformative. She has changed my life through her teachings, putting me on a path that continues to evolve nearly ten years later. My gratitude to Corina is profound. Her yoga is my home.
Elana Stern