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Urban Retreat- Spring Reset at Ruka

Spring Cleaning For Body, Mind and Spirit

Sunday, April 19 – 9:30am – 2:30pm

Embrace the season with a whole day to refresh mind, body and spirit!

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. We dust off the shelves, clean out the closets, donate the things that no longer suit, and plant seeds for future harvest. Each of these literal activities has a psychological correlate, and with physical yoga practice we can do these same things for the spirit for future harvest. Join us for centering mediation, the practice of yoga, vibrant fresh food, and a rejuvenating spa treatment!

Toppers Spa/Salon, Corina Lynn Benner, Down Dog Healing Cafe and Ruka come together to recalibrate every aspect of your glorious being!

We begin with Down Dog Healing Café’s Signature Almond Date Smoothie to calm & ground the central nervous system. The addition of saffron helps to clean the blood, Ginger aids digestion and circulation, & Nutmeg calms the digestive tract, which in turn calms the mind.

Balance begins with the breath, and so we take some time to balance, ground and center through breathing and meditation.
Followed by the ritual of yoga, an ancient practice of self-healing through movement. We will cleanse the body internally with breathing techniques, twists to detoxify and other yoga poses chosen to energize the body.

This time of year we want to honor the change of the seasons by eating a lighter diet and less heavy, moisture enhancing foods. We will aid this process with a light lunch made with seasonal locally sourced veggies, detoxifying grains, a little bit of spice & love!
To complete your restorative day, choose a soothing massage, a revitalizing facial or relax and detoxify with a whole body scrub!
As you bid farewell, we’ll hand you an oat and spice energy bar!

The total cost is $189. Space is very limited!
Please use the PayPal link above to secure your spot,
or contact me directly – cindi@ruka.com

117 S 19th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

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