Fri, Mar 05 | Live on Zoom via Integral Yoga Institute

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Practicing Surrender and Receptivity

Yoga master and Wake Up Yoga founder Corina Benner guides you through this training that focuses on the incredibly therapeutic benefits of yin yoga on the physical, energetic and mental/emotional bodies. Investigate the foundational shapes of yin yoga, seeking to understand the true method of yin.

Time & Location

Mar 05, 9:00 AM – Mar 07, 5:30 PM
Live on Zoom via Integral Yoga Institute

About The Event

This training is a fact-filled fascinating journey into understanding how and why to practice in this fashion, and Corina’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject keeps everyone alert and engaged… even on Zoom! As we all work to remain responsive to the ever-changing landscape of teaching yoga in an often chaotic and uncertain world, be assured you that being able to convey the true merits of the yin yoga practice is a skill for your toolbox that will benefit everyone, including yourself. The practice lends itself quite easily to an online platform, and you may be able to reach people who have felt alienated by the current culture of yoga. This slow-paced, individually-tailored practice does so much to enhance resiliency, suppleness, and a sense of ease with reality. More people need this practice, and you can be well poised to deliver.

As a well-seasoned yoga practitioner, teacher, and trainer, Corina guides you through this training that focuses on the incredibly therapeutic benefits of yin yoga on the physical and energetic bodies (the Annamaya and Pranamaya Koshas); leans into understanding how this practice addresses the Manomaya Kosha; and helps the student connect with the Anandamaya Kosha.

We will investigate the foundational shapes of yin yoga, seeking to understand the method of this practice, and exploring appropriate ways of modifying poses to meet individual students’ needs. Included in the training are daily yin yoga practices, and opportunities to work in partners and small groups for practical experience applying the information. You will viscerally integrate the information so that, upon completion, you will feel confident teaching yin yoga and also fielding students’ questions with confidence and true clarity.

Topics to be addressed:

  • theory of Yin/Yang/Tao and how these concepts are embedded in the practice, and are vastly illuminating in a quest for balance
  • tension and compression, two of yoga’s primary stressors
  • anatomy and physiology: bones, muscles, fascia, and organs
  • anatomical uniqueness and “inside-out alignment”
  • contraindications, and tailoring the practice to different populations
  • nadis/meridians, patterns of excess, deficiency, and balance
  • breathing practices to prepare the student for a deeper experience
  • safe, sacred, and neutral: prerequisite for personal YINquiry

Daily schedule: lecture, a 15 minute break, a Yin Yoga class, a 1-hour lunch break, and an afternoon session reviewing postures and Q&A.

This training is open to yoga teachers of all traditions as well as curious and dedicated yin yoga students. Participants will receive a certificate of completion which can be applied as “Continuing Education Units” (CEU’s) for Registered Yoga Teachers.

Register by Feb. 26 to ensure receipt of your manual and materials prior to the start of the training.

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”

― Jelaluddin Rumi

©2019 by Corina Benner YOGA

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