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Order your own Sankalpa deck!

You may purchase the Sankalpa deck using the PayPal button below, you do not need a PayPal account to use this PayPal button to order.

Lotus Feet is dedicated to offering products that will inspire your yoga practice and enhance your experience of being alive. Our inaugural offering is the Sankalpa Deck, a collection of cards that help you focus your yoga practice and discover ways to bring your yoga practice alive during the many hours you are not actually practicing asana. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice; these cards reinforce the spirit and philosophy of yoga and help you keep this living tradition alive during every moment of your life.

Sankalpa: your highest intention.  This intention is born in the heart and rises into the mind to inform all thoughts, words and deeds.  Creating a sankalpa, or intention for your asana practice makes your time on the mat more personal, more meaningful and more powerful.

These cards have been created to assist yoga students in affirming and reinforcing their highest aspirations for practice. Before asana practice look through the cards, seeking the one that best resonates with your current challenges, or choose one randomly allowing unconscious forces to guide you. Place the card near the top of your mat so that you are reminded again and again of your personal reason for practicing today. Watch how your attitude toward your practice shifts, how your mood changes, how your heart softens and your resolve strengthens.  Energy follows consciousness: these cards give you the opportunity to consciously energize the qualities that are most important to you. You may find it helpful to carry the card with you throughout the day, literally taking your practice off of the mat and into your life. You may feel inspired to work with a different card each day, or observe the deeper changes that accompany continued adherence to one intention for some period of time. Let your heart guide you.

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