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Unfolding Stillness: Yin & Meditation 12.07

Unfolding Stillness: Yin & Meditation 12.07


This is a 90 minute yin yoga class. 


This class, Unfolding Stillness, is designed to increase your familiarity with the stillness that supports all movement; the silence that supports all sound.


Incorporating breathing practices, some dynamic movement and plenty of yin yoga shapes, this class will arrive, at last, at seated meditation practice and an embodied experience of here and now, as devoid of opinions, expectations and judgements as is possible for each participant. Meditation instruction will be given, and the duration of time spent in meditation will depend upon the experience level of students in attendance. "New" students are encouraged to attend, and the more seasoned practitioners will be pleased to share the experience with you and offer their wisdom as appropriate.

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